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Vivanti Consulting launches and makes acquisitions of BluSnow, Matr and Fastlane Solutions

Press Release
In a remarkable journey that commenced in April 2024, the architects of Australia's former largest privately owned data and analytics consultancy, Servian, have been diligently crafting a new narrative that reaffirms their commitment to excellence.

Rooted in a legacy of success with Servian, our journey to re-establish ourselves in multiple geographies has been marked by an unyielding dedication to the principles that have always set us apart. Believing that talented technologists matter, we have always embraced a philosophy of excellence first, recognising that building impactful consultants is an ongoing and rewarding journey.

In May 2024, Vivanti Consulting, headed up by Tony Nicol the former CEO of Servian and current chairman of Visual Cortex made formal acquisitions of BluSnow, Matr group and Fastlane solutions to again underscore Vivanti's commitment to growth, fortifying our expertise in Data, AI/ML, Customer Engagement, Digital and Platforms. Vivanti will now look to forge ahead with a platform now in place to grow into the premier cloud data consulting firm that is known for excellence in Data. No doubt we do so much more, however we are proud to be recognised as the ‘Data People’ once again.

Timothy Mannah, former Servian Partner and UK Managing Director will be at the helm of BluSnow the Vivanti Group's Snowflake practice. Antonio Pugliano also a former Servian Partner and Managing Director of Matr Group comes onboard to drive the Databricks practice. More will follow as Vivanti continues to grow in Australia with Sydney and Brisbane regions underway with Melbourne to come online shortly as well as international regions in both the US and UK.

Vivanti is poised to lead with core practices in Data, AI/ML, Customer Engagement, Digital and Platforms. Augmented by Advisory, delivery, and Operational engagement models, Vivanti is strategically positioned to engage with enterprises across all touch points of their business.

Our pillars and engagement models exemplify proven strategies for business growth, emphasising the pivotal role of talented technologists in driving technological outcomes.

As we propel into the future with Vivanti, our commitment remains unwavering — nurturing our people's growth and ensuring our customers' success by focusing on the core tenets that define us. The strength of Servian echoes in every aspect of Vivanti, as we continue to shape the future of technology with experience and innovation. 
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