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The Data People shaping tomorrow

Vivanti was founded as a haven for talented technologists who want to make a real impact for their clients. Our mission is to transform businesses and to create a smarter, more connected world through the power of data and technology.  Together, we're making the future happen - today


Vivanti is a full service Consultancy able to provide technology based professional services across all of the main services lines with strong vendor based relationships that you can utilise to your advantage at every step


Design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data platform solutions that ensure the security, accuracy and reliability of your data


Data lies at the heart of how we do digital. From building sales portals or custom insight platforms to implementing CI/CD pipelines to give your organisation an immersive data driven digital experience


Success for us is understanding your data, your business, the industry's every changing  latest cognitive services and how to leverage that operationally to pull the right levers in your business to make it smarter


Implementing the latest data platform and platform tools appropriate to build your enterprise future on requires specialist knowledge of the platforms and decades of handling enterprise data - our team have both


We put your customer data to work to help you build an even deeper understanding of your market and what they care about to drive engagement, attract business and retain customers. We specialise in building CDP's, integrating with campaigns and real-time insights 

Our Engagement model  

We are here to help and are naturally proactive, working with Vivanti will feel like a guided journey. You can choose to engage with us at any of the following phases of business delivery


To meaningfully help your business we know it requires thought leadership and opinions based on decades of experience.

Having the most senior practising data specialists in the market, we understand our goal is to find a way forward that removes ambiguity to give you a crystal clear direction on an implementable way forward.

This is often through advisory sessions, health checks, technology comparisons, proof of value or prototypes


Our team are proud that we can say "We have never not delivered".

Whether it be from business cases devised during our advisory phase or from existing in play business plans, this is where you can leverage our highly skilled consultants to build or augment your solutions. Vivanti provides technical capability in all areas of project delivery.  Our consultants are certified in all the major and upcoming technologies and have a sound grounding in Agile project management

Operational Support

When we are involved in implementing a solution, we can give you the surety of long term support and maintenance. Allowing you to invest your resources where you need them most and concentrate on day to day operations. We also recognise that technologies and business change over time. As part of our support, we constantly review the solution to give you recommendations to ensure your solutions are always current and risk mitigated


About  Vivanti  

Vivanti’s philosophy is simple: We only get work because our clients want to work with us and they only want to work with us because we empower our consultants to truly listen to your unique challenges, tailor services to meet your specific goals, and do what’s right for you — always. Our aim is to build trustworthy partnerships that last. We’re not just there for the quick wins. We want to help our customers succeed time and time again

We’re building a real community at Vivanti for the best data and cloud technologists. A place where you feel at home, that you’re working with your type of people, and an environment where your individuality and interests are shared, known and celebrated. To create this culture of inclusivity and fun, we espouse our five ICARE values

At Work


Do the right thing for the client - always



Aiming to take people on the journey and succeed through the team



Make a difference - actively seek to make things better! No blame culture but acknowledge and learn from issues and mistakes

Conference Mingling


Respect and treat people in the same way you wish to be treated. Listen to and understand someones view, even if you disagree with it

Leadership Presentation


Do things right - never settle and continue to strive to deliver the very best you can

Technology Partners  


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